Happy New Year! It's officially 2024! Change is on the horizon. New Year's resolutions are on the forefront of many people's minds. Goals are set. Plans are strategized. And the act of execution is a must for those wanting to make a change in 2024. What makes this time of the year so special is the mindset that many have. What is that mindset? The mindset of reset!

As a pastor and foremost a Christian, it is during the beginning of the year that I set a spiritual goal for myself. Whether it's a closer walk with God, or healing from a trauma, or . . . you name it. I set a goal and work toward that goal the entire year. Last year, I wanted to see how closely the life of Moses was to the lives we live on this earth in 2023.

As it turned out, very close. In fact, we saw how the life of Moses mirrors our lives today. The lessons learned in the book of Exodus were gems for our spiritual development. But, what about this year? What can we learn in 2024? Your "why" you are an Adventist! It was once eloquently stated that, "When you have a 'why' you are an Adventist!" It was once eloquently stated that, "When you have a 'why' to live for, you can handle almost any 'how.'"

This year, my personal and professional goal as a pastor is to re-discover "why" I'm an Seventh-day Adventist Christian. What makes me and millions of others stay, grow, share, impact, and learn more of this peculiar faith? What is it about Adventism that is unique? A re-discovery of the "why" of Adventism will help you have a mindset of reset!

It's time to reset our spiritual lives. It's time to change the current mindset we have of God and His message. It's time to live a life that is actively preparing for the coming of the great and mighty King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It's your time to live out what you have chosen to believe and adhere to it. May God help us this year!

So, until the next time, this is Pastor Howard Tello reminding you that thoughts do change lives!


Pastor Howard Tello