Did you know: that the human eye can distinguish between over a million different colors? that the human eye can detect light as dim as a single photon? that the human eye has a blind spot? or that it can regenerate itself? that it is am important indicator of your overall health; and finally, that the human eye is one of the most complex organs in the body?

Well, if you didn't know . . . now you know! Of all the complex organs in the human body, the eye is by far the most complex and incredible. What makes something pleasing to the eye? Belief. What you believe about something, determines whether it will be pleasing to the eye. I've heard it said that, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If true, then that reality is based on the belief that person has on the object they're looking at.

What belief do you have in your spirituality? Of which, makes the things of God pleasing to you? Someone said to me, "I hate going to church . . . it's filled with judgmental people." If that is your belief about the church, then every time you come to church you will feel judged. Granted, there are some churches that are fully judgmental, but not all churches.

Someone said to me, "I hate men." Their belief on men will taint their lives against any males in the world. While it may be true that some men have hurt this person, not all males will. Is there a way to change our beliefs on something that is hurting our spirituality? Yes. The Bible says, "But mine eyes are unto Thee, O God the Lord: in Thee is my trust; leave not my soul destitute. - Ps 141:8, KJV. Another Biblical thought is: You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting Rock. - Is. 26:3-4.

This Sabbath, have your eyes focused on the Master Jesus. Doing so will help you alter your belief on something . . . who knows, you might find that something you thought was not pleasing . . . is actually pleasing to your eyes. Especially those things that are for your spiritual development. May God help us this Sabbath to do so.