Phrases of the Bible. What’s your favorite phrase? Perhaps you would choose, “For God so loved the world…” or “Jesus wept…” or “No greater love has man than this…” The Holy Bible is filled with fascinating phrases that have made a huge difference in the lives of all those that have read them and pondered as to their meaning. The book of Proverbs written by King Solomon is filled with phrases that have brought great wisdom to his life. 
It’s Easter. A time when the world remembers…the resurrection of Jesus Christ! A miracle. A moment in time when death could not hold the Son of the Living God in a tomb! Easter pageants are a common occurrence in the Christian church. A pageant demonstrating the last days of the life of the Master Jesus. Leading to the ultimate sacrifice paid on behalf of mankind. I remember a pageant I attended many years ago. It was in Kentucky. 
We were invited to attend an Easter celebration by a bible student of mine. Obliging the request, Hannah and I attended and sat in the back. The church was full. As music was being played on the speakers of the church before the production, I sat there waiting to see what it would be like to see this pageant and experience the last days of the life of Jesus on this earth. Suddenly, the music stopped. The lights were dimmed. And then the back doors of the church were swung open, and one could hear the sound of people yelling…
They were saying, “Hosannah…” As a real live donkey caring the actor of Jesus walked by our pew, I was shocked as to the realism that this church used to bring each audience member into the story of Jesus. As Jesus passed by, I could feel in my heart an excitement that must have been felt in the 1st Century. I could feel my desire to see Jesus and be by Jesus and touch Jesus! As the pageant progressed, I was captivated by the accuracy of the biblical narrative. I was captivated by the actor playing Jesus. When the crucifixion came, I was moved by the act of the Son of God dying for me…yes, for me! And then I heard the greatest phrase, in my opinion, of that moment…"He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.” - Matt. 28:6, NIV. He is not here…present tense. He has risen…past tense. Just as he said…past tense. Come 
and see…present tense. Where he lay…past tense. 
A play-on the tenses in grammar is fascinating to see in this simple yet profound passage. Past, present, and future are all wrapped around the reality of the risen King. This Easter weekend may you and your family realize that your King, your God is not DEAD! He is RISEN, He is ALIVE, and He is COMING AGAIN to take 
us home. May you and your family remember that reality as you celebrate this 
moment in your lives! 
So, until the next time, this is Pastor Tello reminding you that thoughts do change lives! 


Pastor Howard Tello