Many years ago, when I was younger and more foolish, I remember an experience that reminded me of an action movie. I was late. I needed to be at an appointment in Manhattan, NY. As I was driving down the FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt East River Drive). I got off at the appropriate exit for my destination. However, in NYC your appropriate exit doesn't mean that you are almost there! No, it means one thing . . . traffic jam!

Frustrated by the situation, I weaved in and out of traffic driving like a formula-one race car driver. I really was late and needed to get to the appointment. Every once in a while, here in the Valley I see someone running a red light (not a good practice of vehicular conduction) and most make it ok. In NYC running a read light is a high risk! But on that day, it was a risk I was willing to take. The only thing that was in my way of that green light turning red were two public transportation buses.

As I raced through the city, I needed to make that light . . . being that those buses were in my way (one on the left hand, the other on the right lane) I did what I have watched in movies all my life! I went in-between them and barely came out on the other side making the light and making my appointment . . . late, but not super late. A risk? You bet it was a risk. One that could have cost me my life. Or worse . . . the lives of other drivers.

I would never recommend that type of reckless driving to my now teenage drivers in our home. However, since then., I've learned that there are risks worth taking: Like the risk of losing your job in order to follow Jesus; The risk of being mocked as you represent Jesus; The risk of being misunderstood and ridiculed for desiring to do what is right in the eyes of God. However, there is a greater risk taken by God that has created the greatest story ever told!

The story of our planet, the sin, the rebellion, the dismal situation of our human nature and/or condition has made the universe interested in how God is going to solve the sin problem in our planet. For centuries, God has demonstrated in His Word the "how" He is going to save the planet from the effects of sin. For centuries, God has hungered and longed for His children to follow His ways and His laws, but alas . . . the human race fails time and time again.

Therefore, God took a risk. He went in-between. He demonstrated the extent of His love for humanity by giving them a chance to have a new nature, a new life, a hope beyond the dismal reality of their human existence. When God went in-between . . . everything changed for every human. What does it mean that God went "in-between"? Listen, take notes, and pay attention to the sermonic thought today. Pastor Tello is covering the 7th Fundamental Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church!


Pastor Howard Tello