It's a major milestone in the life of a budding adult . . . well, not quite an adult, but not a baby, nor a child, but a graduate from High School! Congratulations to all our students who are moving on past High School life to creating their careers and the lives they were created to do. There are so many great nuggets of wisdom that are shared to many a graduate during this time of achievement.

However, what is one nugget of wisdom that I, as your Pastor, can share with you? "Stay close!" That's it! Stay close! It's simple, but hard. However, with some intentionality one can create and achieve greater things than graduating from High School! One can create . . . an eternal lasting impact! Every graduate I've known has had the desire to make something of themselves. To change the world. To leave a mark.

However, history is littered with individuals that have not made something of themselves, changed their world, nor have left any significant mark. Benjamin Franklin once said, "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." In order to accomplish this truism, once must "stay close!" However . . . stay close . . . to what? I'm glad you asked . . . stay close to . . . the Master Jesus!

"Every step in life may bring us closer to Jesus, may give us a deeper experience of His love, and may bring us one step nearer to the blessed home of peace." - STC, 125.1. Staying close to the Master Jesus will give you an edge that many in our society are lacking. Staying close to the Master Jesus will give you insight that will make you a powerhouse of influence. Why? Because . . . our society is writhed with individuals that are not close to Jesus and try to make an impact in our world . . .

There is nothing . . . nothing . . . nothing as impactful as a young person that stays close to the Master Jesus. There is nothing that inspires the human heart than to see the goodness that comes from a heart filled with the love of God. In this matter, history is filled with lives, stories, narratives of people that have left an indelible mark on their society. May you . . . as you move on with your life . . . may you leave a mark in our world, our society, where people will notice that you have been with Jesus!

So, until the next time, this is Pastor Tello reminding you that thoughts do change lives!


Pastor Howard Tello