How powerful is a sign? If you're driving down a dirt isolated road in the middle of nowhere...a simple sign to tell you about the next town or where to get gas would be life changing. If you are running through the airport trying to get to you connecting flight, a sign as to your gate would be amazing!

St. Augustine, a 4-5 century Patristic writer, once said, "Symbols are powerful because they are the visible signs of invisible realities." Visible signs of invisible realities...interesting. A road sign is a visible sign even though I cannot see a town up ahead. A sign with the information of my airline gate is a visible sign even though I can't see my actual gate until I get closer.

In our Biblical narrative of today, Moses is before Pharaoh with the first sign God gave Moses to share with the Elders of Israel. Now, before the Pharaoh Moses is about to show all of Egypt a sign that would forever allow the mind of the Egyptian to know (without a doubt) who the real, true, and ultimate God is.

Surrounded by the difficulties and challenges of daily living, we are in need of a real, true, and ultimate God. We are in need of a God that not only cares for His created beings, but is willing and able to do something for them. Writing in the Signs of the Times in 1889, Ellen White shares this thought:

"The Lord desires to give us His rich blessings. It is not His will that anyone should labor in His cause without His help and favor. He does not require His children to go in feebleness of heart to win souls for eternal life. There is fullness in Him, and it is our privilege to come and obtain that fullness, to receive richly of His Spirit." - ST July 1, 1889, par 1

May you, this Sabbath day, receive His rich blessings for your life. May you, this Sabbath day, realize that His fullness is able to give you what you need to be a Child of the Living God!

So, until the next time, this is Pastor Tello reminding you that thoughts do change lives!


Pastor Howard Tello