Father's Day, the holiday that gets the most jokes as it is compared to Mother's Day. As a father, I have realized the importance of that role and have realized that society agrees . . . a father in the home makes a huge difference in the lives of those living in the home. While there are many types of fathers (as there are mothers), one thing rings true . . . a father makes mistakes.

Sometimes the mistakes made by the father have temporary effects. At other times, the mistakes made by the father have lasting, damaging, and traumatic effects. As it rang true that fathers make mistakes, it is equally true that fathers need "something" that God has provided for them. "Something" that when they believe it, claim it, and apply it to their lives . . . makes all the difference in their lives!

What is that "something?" Listen, learn, and if you are a father today . . . be inspired to be the best father God has given you the ability to be. If you are here today, and the thought of your father is traumatizing, there is something you also can learn, claim, and apply that will transform your life now and in the future. This "something" is a powerful tool given to us by God, but so rarely heard of and used.

May you, this Sabbath, not be a father that doesn't use this "something." May you this Sabbath  be a father that uses God's "something" and make yourself the most impactful and transformative father for those in whom God has entrusted you! May you realize the importance of your fatherhood in the lives that surround you . . . yes, even those people that are not part of your household . . . They watch, learn, and grow from your example as a father.

So, until the next time, this is Pastor Tello reminding you that thoughts do change lives!


Pastor Howard Tello