It's called the Holy Spirit Game. Have you heard about it? We had this as an activity for the Young Adults at Camp Meeting this past week. It involved someone playing Jesus. Then another person playing the Christian trying to get to Jesus. And yet another person as the Holy Spirit, helping guide the Christian to Jesus. All the other participants are the voices of the world, the enemy and just pure confusion.

The field where this game was played was littered with items that would cause the Christian to stumble and fall. The goal of Jesus was to call unto the Christian. The goal of the people was to create an atmosphere of pure confusion. And the goal of the Holy Spirit was to whisper into the ear of the Christian, "this is the way . . . walk ye in it".   As the game commenced, it was pure mayhem. The person paying the Christian had no idea I was playing the Holy Spirit.

I tried to whisper the right path to take, but alas the person playing the Christian was completely ignoring me. The sound of so many people screaming in the opposite direction to mine made it virtually impossible for the Christian to find his way. Then, about halfway through the minefield of obstacles, the Christian finally listened to my voice and found Jesus. I was happy that the person playing the Christian found Jesus, but was surprised that in the first half of the game he refused to listen to my voice.

How many times have I and (dare I say it) . . . you also ignored the voice, the prompting, the gentle push, and sometimes the violent push of the Holy Spirit. The third person of the Godhead is as interested in your salvation as are the Father and the Son. All three, plus all those unfilled beings, have a vested interest in our salvation and how the story of salvation plays out. May you this Sabbath day, be sensitive to the promptings of the Holy spirit. 

May you this Sabbath day, find yourself obeying that still small voice of God, the Holy Spirit. And may you find a stronger, deeper, and more fulfilling relationships with the Master Jesus this Sabbath day.

So, until the next time, this is Pastor Tello reminding you that thoughts do change lives!


Pastor Howard Tello