How powerful is the resurrection of something that has died? When I was a boy in New York, I keenly remember the resurrection of an insect I thought I had killed. Most homes in NYC are plagued with two pests (or at least that's the way it was when I was a boy): rats and cockroaches. While the rats in NYC were menaces, they were nothing to be compared to the NY cockroaches.

I can remember going into the kitchen at night to get a late night snack and turning on the lights only to see all the roaches scatter. I know, your skin just crawled! But that was our life in NYC. There was a day when I got my grandmother's slipper and slapped a roach so hard I thought it went through the floor.

When I removed the slipper I didn't see signs that it was dead. It just didn't move, so I assumed it was dead. I got a paper towel from the counter and proceeded to clean up the scene of slaughter when to my shock and horror, the roach moved! It not only moved, I ran away from me! I know I hit it hard. But how, how did it live or was it resurrected?

Apparently, I didn't hit it as hard as I had thought. And no, it didn't resurrect. but it was shocking to see it live again. The Egyptians believed in a resurrection. And the resurrection of some of their gods are notable. The resurrection of the god of today will help you understand why God did what He did in the last plague. Furthermore, you will understand what God was trying to articulate to the people of that day.

Listen, take notes, and learn from the Word of God today!

So, until the next time, this is Pastor Tello reminding you that thoughts do change lives!


Pastor Howard Tello